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The Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing, 2nd Edition
The Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing, 2nd Edition by Richard Berry and Jim Burnell, including Astronomical Image Processing for Windows V2.0 software. Available from Willmann-Bell
A Sky & Telescope Hot Product for 2006!
AIP4Win V2.4.0 has been released!

Hi, I'm Jim Burnell, an avid amateur astronomer and telescope maker. I am a co-author of The Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing and the Astronomical Image Processing for Windows software package. In my day job, I'm an electrical engineer, managing a group of engineers designing fiberoptic telecom and datacom products. You can reach me at:

CCD Images

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The Gum Nebula
Latest Images
Emission-Line Imaging New Images from the TeleVue is-series and the STL11000M Arp Peculiar Galaxies
Emission-Line Imaging
TeleVue "is" Series Images
Arp Peculiar Galaxies
Globular Clusters
Messier Objects
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Messier Objects
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CCD Images Page

A collection of images of astronomical objects. The images were acquired using a variety of telescopes and CCD cameras, including HX916 and SXV-H9 CCD cameras manufactured by Starlight Xpress, and an STL11000M CCD camera, manufactured by SBIG. Many of the images were taken using TV-60is, NP101 and NP127is telescopes manufactured by TeleVue Optics.

These images have not been edited using programs such as Photoshop, but have been completely processed, from end-to-end, exclusively using AIP4Win.

My Latest CCD Images
My Favorite CCD Images of 2008
My Favorite CCD Images of 2007
My Favorite CCD Images of 2006
My Favorite CCD Images of 2005

The Messier Objects - CCD album

A collection of CCD images of the Messier Objects. I have always liked the Sky & Telescope Messier Objects poster, so I decided to shoot one of my own. I finally finished it in late May of 2004. I have been updating this page over time as I take better images.

NorthEast Astro Imaging Conference - NEAIC 2010

The largest amateur astronomical imaging conference on the East Coast! The NorthEast Astro-Imaging Conference

The Edward J. Rowe Observatory

This observatory, 50 feet from my back door, is where I shoot most of my CCD images.

Astronomical Image Processing for Windows (AIP4WIN)

AIP4Win V2.3.1 has been released!
This book and software package provides both the amateur and professional astronomer the ability to perform scientific analysis on his CCD images as well as to create astounding astrophotos. It was used to process every astrophoto on this web site.
To purchase a copy click here.
Registered users looking for the latest software update should click here.
Some tips and techniques from Richard Berry on using this software:
                How to Use Sigmoid Brightness Scaling,
                How to work with DSLR "raw" files,
                How to Join Color Channels,
                How to Use AIP4Win to process images taken with a Meade DSI Pro.

The Rockland Astronomy Club (RAC)

RAC My astronomy club, which hosts the The NorthEast Astronomy Forum , the The NorthEast Astro-Imaging Conference and the The Summer Star Party

Astronomy Picture of the Day

My favorite web site. Source of my daily astro-fix.

Robert Gendler's Astroimaging Gallery

One of my favorite astrophotographers.

Tele Vue Optics

My friends at Tele Vue who design some of the sweetest scopes around!

Warwick New York Local Observing Conditions

The skies above the Rowe Observatory.
Wawayanda State Park is just a couple of miles south of me.

Click for Warwick, New York Forecast

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