Jim Burnell's CCD Images - Simeis 147 (Sharpless 2-240) in Hydrogen-alpha Light
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Simeis 147 (Sharpless 2-240) in Ha
Object: Simeis 147
Supernova Remnant
Const.: Taurus
Camera: SBIG STX-16803 Scope: Tele Vue NP101is Mount: Losmandy Titan
Filter(s): Exposure: 43x8m (5.73 hrs) Processed by: Neil McMickle
Simeis 147 (Sharpless 2-240) in Taurus. This image is a stack of 43 eight minute exposures shot with a Hydrogen-alpha filter over 2 nights. The images were acquired using an SBIG STX-16803 through a Tele Vue NP101is. The exposures were calibrated and stacked using AIP4WIN V2. Subsequent image processing was performed by my good friend Neil McMickle.
The negative view of this image, shown below, shows additional detail.
Simeis 147 (Sharpless 2-240) in Ha