Jim Burnell's CCD Images - NGC1579
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Object: NGC1579
Emission Nebula
Const.: Perseus
Camera: ST-10XME Scope: Tele Vue NP101 Mount: AP1200
Filter(s): L:R:G:B Exposure: 4x8m:4x8m:4x8m:4x8m
0.8x Focal Reducer
The emission nebula NGC1579 in Perseus. The luminance channel for this image is a stack of 4 eight minute exposures using a luminance filter. Stacks of 4 eight minute exposures using red, green and blue filters were used for the color channels. All images were acquired with an ST-10XME CCD camera through a Tele Vue NP101 4" f/5.4 refractor with a 0.8x focal reducer. The images were calibrated, stacked and color-combined and automatically color-balanced using AIP4WIN V2. This image has been resampled down from its original size of 2148x1472.
This image was taken at the Lake Atitlán, Guatemala observatory of Adriana Sherman