Jim Burnell's CCD Images - NGC1532
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Object: NGC1531 & NGC1532
Interacting Galaxies
Const.: Fornax
Camera: ST-10 Scope: Tele Vue NP-101 Mount: AP1200
Filter(s): IR-block Exposure: 8x8m Mezatenango, Guatemala
NGC1531 and NGC1532 (larger) - Interacting Galaxies in Fornax. This image is a color composite consisting of a stack of 8 eight minute exposures. The images were acquired using an SBIG ST-10 CCD camera through a Tele Vue NP-101 101mm f/5.4 refractor. The exposures were stacked and a Sigmoid Scaling of the luminance channel was performed. The colors were joined and automatically balanced using AIP4WIN V2.2.0. This image has been cropped from its original size of 2184x1472. The full frame image shows many more neighboring galaxies.