Jim Burnell's CCD Images - M43
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M43 - Nebula in Orion
Object: M43 (NGC1982)
Emission Nebula
Const.: Orion
Camera: HX-916 Scope: AP130 Mount: AP1200GTO
Filter(s): L:R:G:B Exposure: 32x10s:16x20s::16x20s:16x20s Color channels binned 2x2
M43 - Region of The Great Orion Nebula. The luminance channel for this image is a stack of 32 ten second 1x1 binned exposures using a 5" f/6 refractor. A Gaussian histogram shaping was performed using AIP4WIN. Each color channel is a stack of 16 twenty second images using 2x2 binning. The color channels were balanced using AIP4WIN's Color Calculator using G2V star calibration. The final image was composited using the G2V color balance.