Jim Burnell's CCD Images - M102
M102 Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major
Object: M102 (NGC5866)
Edge-on Spiral Galaxy
Const.: Ursa Major
Camera: HX916 Scope: AP130 Mount: AP1200GTO
Filter(s): IR block Exposure: 9x60s blank
M102 - Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major. Often considered a nonexistent object, it has been postulated that this is actually a duplicate sighting of M101. Astronomer Owen Gingerich proposed that NGC5866 be substituted instead, which is the convention that I have used on this web site. The image is a stack of 9 one minute exposures using a 5" f/6 refractor. Image processing performed using AIP4WIN. This image has been cropped from its original size of 1300x1030.