Jim Burnell's CCD Images - M100 and NGC4312
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M100 region
Object: M100 (NGC4321)
Spiral Galaxy
Const.: Coma Berenices
Camera: HX916 Scope: AP130 Mount: AP1200GTO
Filter(s): IR block Exposure: 17x60s blank
The galaxies M100, NGC4312 and numerous neighbors in Coma Berenices. A stack of 17 one minute exposures using a 5" f/6 refractor. The image was calibrated and stacked, and a simple linear stretch was performed using AIP4WIN. This image has been resampled down from its original size of 1300x1030. If you float your mouse over some of the faint fuzzies in this image, the status bar in Netscape will display the name and visual magnitude of the galaxy. Internet Explorer users will see the galaxy's name appear next to the cursor.