Jim Burnell's CCD Images - IC2118
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The Witch Head Nebula
Object: IC2118
The Witch Head Nebula
Emission Nebula
Const.: Orion
Camera: STL11000M Scope: Tele Vue NP101is Mount: Losmandy
Filter(s): L:R:G:B Exposure: 24x8m:9x8m::8x8m:5x8m blank
IC2118 - The Witch Head Nebula. The luminance channel for this image is a stack of 24 eight-minute exposures using an STL11000M CCD camera on a Tele Vue NP101is 4" f/5.4 refractor. The red, green and blue channels are stacks of 9, 8 and 5 eight-minute exposures respectively. The color channels were balanced using AIP4WIN's Color Calculator using G2V star calibration. The final image was composited using the G2V color balance.
Severe sky gradients and light clouds made processing this image very difficult. Not helping either were the tremendous number of geosynchronous satellite trails. Every single exposure that makes up this final image (all 46 of them!) had them.
This image has been resampled down from the original size of 2058x2744, which itself was cropped out of the original 2672x4008 frame of the STL11000M.