Jim Burnell's CCD Images - Hickson 61
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Hickson 61 Compact Group in Coma Berenices
Object: Hickson 61 & Abell 1495
The Box - Compact Galaxy Group
Const.: Coma Berenices
Camera: HX-916 Scope: Vixen R200SS Mount: Losmandy Titan
Filter(s): IR block Exposure: 27x4m TeleVue Paracorr
Hickson Compact Group 61 in Coma Berenices, also known as "The Box". The faint background galaxy cluster in the lower left is Abell 1495, though the entire background of the image is peppered with faint galaxies. This image is a stack of 27 four minute exposures (for a total of 108 minutes) using an HX916 CCD camera on a Vixen R200SS 8" f/4 Newtonian equipped with a Paracorr. The exposures were calibrated, defect-corrected and stacked using AIP4WIN. This image has been cropped down from its original size of 1300x1030.